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Kongresni trg, Ljubljana

#timeless #central #high-quality #fashionable #flawless #internationally acclaimed

What about escaping the lively atmosphere of the capital city for a moment and returning renewed?

Enter the space of countless possibilities at Kongresni trg Square.

The master team of hairdressers led by the creative leader of Mič Styling Art Team, Tomaž Turk, will take you on the individual journey: from a refreshing hair massage, a precise color service and a chosen styling to the final destination – your amazing new hairstyle.


  • Mitja Sojer MIČ
    Creative Team
  • Tomaž Turk
    Creative Team
  • Darja Štenta
    Senior Stylist
  • Matej Lavrinšek
    Senior Stylist
  • Blaž Aucin
    Senior Stylist
  • Natalija Vujinović
  • Matjaž Okorn
  • Katja Marolt
  • Anja Golub
  • Irena Poderžaj

Kristalna palača, Ljubljana

#trendy #enthusiasm #unique #attentive #lively

Ambling along the boutiques and cafés in the Crystal Palace, you cannot miss the fashionably furnished hairdressing salon Mič Styling.

Its young, enthusiastic and creative professionals are always glad to fulfill your fashion wishes.

Taking part in the Mič Styling creative projects, they are up-to-date with the current fashion trends and know how to brought your vision an unique note of time.

  • Zlatko Kojić
    Stylist and Colorist
  • Aleš Trunkelj
    Stylist and Colorist
  • Natalija Vujinović
    Stylist and Colorist

Poljanska, Ljubljana

#originality #izjemno #osebno #genuineness

Shopping at Ljubljana's Marketplace can be so invigorating. What if your high spirits would be reflected even in your hairstyle? Then you are on the right side of the river Ljubljanica, since there is a cozy hairdressing salon in Poljane where even your most deep emotions can be transformed into a fascinating hairstyle.

After entering their kingdom the hairstyling masters listen to you and your inspiring lifestyle to meet your aesthetic expectations. Not to forget their useful pieces of advice after this outstanding experience.

  • Aska Kajtazovič
    Creative Team
  • Rok Prelesnik
    Senior Stylist
  • Lejla Ljubijankić
    Senior Stylist
  • Sarah Toromanović
    Senior Stylist

Rimska, Ljubljana

#experienced #internationally acclaimed #creativity #action #motion

What a great news – it's a theatre night again! And your hairstyle needs some fixing. One more great news: Mič Styling has a hairdressing salon just around the corner! Since our life is a stage, you probably would love to have a breath-taking hairstyle on this evening.

That is why our team on Rimska Street is a perfect choice. As they cooperate with appraised fashion magazines, TV shows and film productions regularly, their long-year experience are a guarantee for your great look. Moreover, the hairstylists take part in Mič Styling Art Team performing on the hairstyling events in Slovenia and abroad.

  • Matej Prinčič
    Creative Team
  • Borut Novak
    Creative Team
  • Alenka Aucin
    Senior Stylist
  • Andreja Slana
    Senior Stylist
  • Tinkara Kocjančič
    Young Stylist

Ljubljanski Brivec – Union

#tradition #central #exclusive #nostalgic #primal

Tradition is the main focus of our exclusive Barber Shop in central Ljubljana.

As explained by Mič: ”It’s been years since we’ve seen a proper Barber Shop! I am convinced that all of us missed it and were quietly hoping for its return. No doubt, a razor blade or electric shavers can do the trick just as well, a proper Barber Experience can only happen in a special barber chair with Barber in his apron, a brush and a sharp razor in his hands. The contrast between a sharp blade and a steady barbers’ hand appeals to every man.”


  • Nejc Trošelj
    Stylist and Barber
  • Bohdan Musiienko
    Stylist and Barber

Ljubljanski Brivec – Slovenska

#brezčasno #v središču #vrhunsko #moderno #brezhibno #mednarodno priznano

Pravijo, da je bog najprej ustvaril brivca, potem pa sebi brado. Zato po več desetletjih s prvo ekskluzivno brivnico v Ljubljani v ospredje ponovno postavljamo tradicijo in s sodobnim pristopom oživljamo starodavno obrt.

Ponujamo bližnje srečanje z vrhunskimi brivskimi mojstri ter obljubljamo natančno striženje, gladko britje, premišljeno kultivacijo brad in brkov ter kanček tistega razvajanja, ki je rezervirano samo za ponosne lastnike obraznega okrasja. In ker svoje delo jemljemo zelo resno, brijemo tudi norce.


  • Beno Oručević
    Stylist and Barber
  • Luka Oven
    Stylist and Barber
  • Đorđe Stojiljković
    Stylist and Barber
  • Žan Toni

Nova Gorica

  • Bevkov trg 6, 5000 Nova Gorica
  • Phone: 05 300 11 31 or 041 42 78 30
  • Timetable:
    • Mon – Fri: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.*
    • Sat: 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
    • Sundays, holidays: closed

    *If you would prefer morning appointment from Monday to Friday as well, we will gladly open the salon according to your wishes.

#dinamično #trendovsko #energija #strokovnost

In the center of Nova Gorica – not far from the river Soča and the wine district of Goriška Brda, a dynamic and competent Mič Styling team creates fascinating hairstyles and provides you with an energy boost during their professional customer-oriented services.

They are keeping up with the latest fashion trends and like to spread them in this sunny corner of Slovenia.

  • Patricija Stubelj
    Creative Team
  • Janja Cuder Coratta
    Senior Stylist
  • Sara Bajc


#central #soothing #committment #competence #stunning

What a privilege it is to have the leading Slovene hairstyling experts around. The young and creative Mič Styling team welcomes you in the very center of Maribor. Central, yet with its distinctive comfortable ambient, the salon encourages you to neglect the hectic rhythm of the outer world for a moment.

Entering the soothing atmosphere of the Wash House our committed hair experts provide you a relaxing hair massage and lead you competently to the next step – our stunning color and styling services. Share your vision with our attentive hairstylists and let their hands do wonders.

  • Manó Kolarič
    Creative Team
  • Rene Vršič
    Young Stylist and Colorist


  • Marina Živanović
    Stylist and Colorist


#exclusive #brightness #sensuality #freshness #innovative

Enjoying a renowned hair expertise and the freshness of the Adriatic Sea at the same time? In Split, this exciting combination is within your reach in the spacious and bright ambient of an exclusive Mič Styling salon.

Its skillful hairstylists love to take care of your senses in the Wash House and to create innovative hairstyles afterwards. They regularly take part in fashion events and – as members of Mič Styling Academy – share their knowledge with their colleagues generously.


  • Ivan Durdov
    Stylist and Colorist
  • Dinko Božiković
    Stylist and Colorist

Beograd – Bulevar umetnosti

  • Nataša Stanojević
    Stylist and Colorist
  • Marija Ristović
    Stylist and Colorist
  • Bojana Starcević
    Stylist and Colorist
  • Jovana Milovanović
    Stylist and Colorist
  • Cveta Djorović
    Stylist and Colorist
  • Marijana Mićović Joksimović
    Stylist and Colorist
  • Kristina Vereš
    Stylist and Colorist
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